View Full Version : iOS: Location permission on SKMapView creation

24.06.2016, 14:21
Problem description: on iOS when SKMapView is initialised and permission to access user location has not been granted, SDK immediately asks for it. We would like to postpone this dialog to the point where we really need it (user clicks button to locate himself or uses routing).

It's not only our flow. Here was a question on StackOverflow regarding this problem:

Any updates there? Is this going to be part of SDK 3 release?
I briefly looked through the documentation and have not found any new settings for this.

01.07.2016, 16:40
The fixed was included in one of the hotfixes for the 2.5.1 build, so it should be available also in 3.0. Please test the latest builds and let us know if you encounter any issues (we'll make the update in documentation)