View Full Version : [Android] Bug with SKPositionerManager.getInstance().getCurrentGPSPos ition(false)

20.06.2016, 20:16
Hi Adela and team,

We've been going through migrating our app from Skobbler 2.5.1 to Skobbler 3.0 beta (with traffic) and have run into a potential bug.

Debugging through the app, we noticed that the following:

SKCoordinate c = SKPositionerManager.getInstance().getCurrentGPSPos ition(false).getCoordinate();

returns an SKCoordinate with the latitude and longitude values reversed. I know one of the major changes to the SKCoordinate constructor involved switching the order of the longitude and latitude parameters in the constructor signature, so I'm wondering if this change was not made in the native code called from either the getCurrentGPSPosition() or from the reportNewGPSPosition() methods.

Here is a screenshot showing my debugging of the reportNewGPSPosition() method showing that the latitude and longitude are properly set in the passed SKPosition variable. (33.xxxx, -118.xxxx)

And here is a screenshot showing my debugging of the getCurrentGPSPosition() method where you can see that the returned SKCoordinate has the latitude and longitude reversed. (-118.xxxx, 33.xxxx)

Let me know if you have suggestions for possible developer error on my end, but currently I'm under the assumption that it might be an issue within the SDK.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


21.06.2016, 15:02
We're checking this- thanks for reporting it

27.06.2016, 20:29
Hi Adela,

Just wanted to check to see if this issue was able to be reproduced on your end and if there were any updates, thank you very much for your help!


01.07.2016, 16:32

The issue was fixed and included in the latest build shared on the forum (check the thread with 28.06.2016). Looking forward to your feedback.