View Full Version : Prevent Recalculation during navigation? Is it possible?

17.06.2016, 18:46

Is it possible to prevent recalculation if a user deviates from his route while navigating? Looked through all the SDK, but couldn't find a property for it. I see that SKRoutingDelegate has a callback "routingServiceShouldRetryCalculatingRoute", but as I understand it, this only gets called if the first attempt was unsuccessful due to connectivity issues. I would like to prevent the first attempt too.

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02.08.2016, 16:02
You can stop the recalculation(stopNavigation()) once you get the callback that a new rerouting is starting (onReRoutingStarted())

02.08.2016, 16:20
Sorry Adela. Should have mentioned I'm using the iOS SDK.

As far as I can tell there is a similar callback: routingServiceDidStartRerouting. I can stop the navigation upon receiving this callback, but that's not what I want. I'd like the original route to stay displayed (but pause the turn-by-turn instructions), let the user find his/her own way back to the route and once he reaches the route again (no matter what point), start turn-by-turn again from that point onwards towards the end of the route.

Of course I can implement this myself, just wondering if this is something that's provided out of the box.

05.08.2016, 15:02
Unfortunately we do not have this out of the box, but you can try to implement this on the app level