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17.05.2016, 17:57

I got two identical tablet, both are rooted, both have a 128GB micro-sd card in it.....One tablet stores the Skobbler Maps on the sdcard, one stores it in Main Memory. It seems there is no option in the Scout program's settings to select a storage type.

Here are two questions :

1. Where are the Skobbler maps located in main memory ?
2. How can I move these maps to the sdcard ?

Thank you so much for your help.

18.05.2016, 17:28
HI jce 2005, when the two tablets are the same model and the handling of installed maps is different, please check if one tablet has Android 6 installed. Android 6 does handle the internal storage in an other way than Android 5.
However you should have the option "select storage" in the settings menu. Can you please check this for us?

And: Welcome! :-)

18.05.2016, 20:46

by the time I wrote my first post, one of the tablets was Android 5 ( lollipop ), the other one was Android 6 ( Marshmallow ). However, in the meantime, I also upgraded the other tablet to Android 6..... Now Scout is installing on both tablets all the maps into main memory since I have my 128GB sdcard configured as portable storage, which I need.

And Scout, does not have the option in the settings to select the map storage. In my opinion ( and many other programs and apps do that ), Scout should have a "BROWSE" option to select where maps are stored. This is easy to program and should not take very long and would make many Scout users very happy.

I am more than glad to beta test for you if you can provide me with a "browsing Scout " release ;)

27.05.2016, 14:36
Hi, the problem is that Scout has some problems with handling Android 6.0 which handels the SD Card in another way than before.
As we are waiting for a Scout update, I can only suggest not to update to Android 6.0

12.07.2016, 17:11
Any new of an Scout or GPS Nav & Maps update ? It's about time someone does something...... I mean, such a GREAT app and then it takes forever to make adjustments from LL to MM...... C'mon guys make it work.... A simple "browse" function to install all maps on SD-Card in MM should be not very hard to do......

Thx.... and I am still waiting.....and waiting...

20.08.2016, 13:53
It seems like that TeleNav ( GPS Nav & Maps ) as well as Skobbler ( scout ) abandoned their great program and seized development.....Not good ! I really loved this program, but HECK, Android N is coming soon and the program is not even fixed for Marshmallow......

Very sad..........

20.08.2016, 19:28
It is a good app and the iOS beta version is currently under testing. After that the Android version will be continued with developing.

20.08.2016, 21:21
Too bad that iOS has priority over existing customers ! Ohh well........it's "only" about one year since the Android app was updated, not holding my breath for another year. As I said, I really liked the app, but the development and support ( from Skobbler OR NavTech ) sucks.....

29.10.2016, 15:34
Any word on the Android update ???? It's taking a long, long time.....