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25.04.2016, 12:38
Here is the latest 2.5.1 Android build (19/July/2016):
https://www.dropbox.com/s/vyd9ubgnwn929nx/SKMaps_Android_2_5_1_July2016_withDemoAndroidStudi o.zip?dl=0

Here is the latest 2.5.1 iOS build:
ObjC: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ruk6at2fju0rdd7/SKMaps_2_5_1.zip?dl=0
Swift: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lgbdherhqzudy2a/SKMapsSwift_2_5_1.zip?dl=0

This build includes a series of bugfixes that were already reported on the forum, SO or direct to us:
- [android]: Compatibility issue for API level 23
- [android]: Fixing "No such method. getlatitude"
- [android]: SIGSEGV error in calculateRouteWithPoints()
- [android]: updated libpng version to 1.6.22 (fixing Google Play vulnerability warnings)
- [android]: Fixing issue with advices in certain situations when an undesired "keep to the left/keep to the right" advice was generated
- [iOS]:"iOS 9.2 crashes" - the log pointing to the GLStateMachine
- [iOS]: Crashes using the SKViaPoint method
- [iOS]: updateCurrentLocation issue when using the background mode

04.05.2016, 16:47
Usually you have a different zip file for Swift. Is there a link for the Swift build?

11.05.2016, 11:17
hi jimt2000,

I've added the swift build in the previous answer.

27.12.2016, 10:06
Hey Adela_Silvia,

Could you please re-upload android 2.5.1 version? Because we've just updating our app and just now faced libpng problem. Later we'll move to version 3.

27.12.2016, 13:44
Hi makzimi,
You can find the 2.5.1 Android build containing the libpng fix here:

27.12.2016, 14:09
Hi adrian.bortas,

thank you so much!