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24.04.2016, 12:04
Dear Community,

I am using the application since a long time, and I also contribute to OSM.
Theas days I was thinking about a possible new Feature that could increase the Energy efficiency of driving a lot.

Imagine the following situation. You are leaving the Town to go on a residential Road.
Mainly the Speed Limit increases then by 40 to 50 km/h to 90/100 km/h
If that street crosses a city the speed decreases then back to 50 km/h.
But mainly if you are honest you will have several situations where you can not see the city sign directly which means you need to break the vehicle which uses power.

The same story appears on the Autobahn if you ride with 200 km/h and you see a 120 km/h sign.

My Idea is to have a feature called "Speed Limit ahead" which shows in advance that there will be a speed limit in "n Kilometers".
Visually i could imagine that this is shown above the current speed limit showing the distance to that speed limit.

As a first idea it would be an idea to raise an acoustical feedback "Limit ahead by a formula" (Speed Limit Ahead - Current Speed Limit) / 100 * 10
/100 km/h - 50 / km) = 50 km/h *10 = 500 meters.

So the warning should be shown and mentioned 500 meters before the limit.

What do you think about that idea

/Franz S

27.04.2016, 10:48
Hi Franz, this is a great idea! I suggest to post this via E-Mail to the support and also post a feedback in the App itselt (swipe from left --> Feedback). Then I will vote for you! :-)

27.04.2016, 11:53
Posted as an Idea and Mailed to support.
Idea can be found here: