View Full Version : Scout not working on SD card formatted as 'internal storage"

Willem I
15.04.2016, 13:20
After upgrading my Motorola E (4G) to Android 6.0 Marshmallow I got the message that my SD was too slow.
I installed a 32 GB UHS-1 card (80 Mb/s). As adviced by Motorola I configured it as internal storage and moved Scout to the SD card.
Now Scout complaints "no SD card found" and maps can not be stored.
If I reconfigure the SD card as portable storage Scout has no longer the option to store maps on it.
How can Scout use my SD card?

18.04.2016, 12:19
Hi Willem I, I'm sorry to tell you that, but Scout is at this moment not able to use an external SD Card running Android 6. This is a limitation of Android 6.
Scout needs an update for this. The devs are already informed. Sorry for the bad news.

Willem I
20.04.2016, 18:41
hi makiHD,
it's sad news that Scout isn't able to use the SD card at the moment but it's promising news that it is in the queue unto a next update.
That will make this wonderful app perfect!!

21.04.2016, 00:16
Thanks for this :-)
But I have to clarify that an update for the Scout app will not be released into the next weeks, unfortunately :(. Scout needs some additional time as they do not have such much manpower.

22.04.2016, 23:21
Next Weeks?
Next months, or better never....

12.10.2016, 20:34
Considering this issue has been reported 6 month ago can anyone give a status on this?

Currently this is a blocker for me to to use scout, which is a pitty as I really like it.

14.10.2016, 14:36
Hi CKoerner, unfortunately I have no new information about the current progress of the Android development, I'm very sorry for this.