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13.04.2016, 17:49
We use the skmaps's(Skobbler) SDK in android and IOS, Our function is to show one pin in skmaps, the other settings is default. We can show the map on both android and IOS, but the loading time is too long, it takes about 5~15 seconds.

I've been trying different Wifi network and different device(iphone 6s plus and HTC M9), but it's still slow.

Can anyone help me?

video: https://youtu.be/1uJJwy_wpyY

18.04.2016, 12:53
The SDK is not slow at rendering but it does seem to be "not fast" at downloading the requested vector tiles.

I'm not sure what your expectations would be when jumping all over the world and requesting for the data to be visualised - I would say that any online map service would require some time to keep up with your map tiles request. My opinion is that your expectations from the SDK are too optimistic.

That being said what you can do:
- reduce the requested area - increase the zoom level so that as soon as some vector data becomes available something will get rendered (i.e. set the zoom level to 18 or 17)
- reduce the size of the requested vector tiles - switch to using LightMaps (initMapSettings.setMapDetailLevel(SKMapsInitSetti ngs.SK_MAP_DETAIL_LIGHT);) - the light maps contain fewer elements and thus are smaller and will be rendered faster
- don't use pannable maps but use static maps when displaying the location of a certain POI - for this exact use case, showing a mini map associated with a POI most products use a static map (fixed png/jpg) as it renders instantly. This is especially relevant in your scenario when the POIs are in different parts of the world - see our static maps API (http://developer.skobbler.com/getting-started/web#sec4)

18.04.2016, 16:32
Thanks in advanced !