View Full Version : [iOS] didSelectAnnotation while in Mode3D?

11.04.2016, 20:07
Is it not possible to have selectable annotations while the mapView is in SKMapDisplayMode3D? My "mapView:didSelectAnnotation:" delegate method is not getting called while in SKMapDisplayMode3D, but if I'm in SKMapDisplayMode2D, it works fine. I don't plan on showing a callout when the annotation is tapped, but have some other action occur.

13.04.2016, 16:34
Unfortunately it's not supported yet. We'll add this to our feature's list.

04.07.2016, 01:17
+1 to this request, we are in a similar situation- need to have an action occur while an annotation is tapped during navigation. Thanks!

11.08.2016, 16:03
Thank you for endorsing this feature

11.08.2016, 16:45
You're welcome Adela. We've actually had to remove the 3d nav setting because of this limitation (annotations not being interactive), as it created a clear inconsistency on the user experience during navigation :/ Would really appreciate it if this feature is worked on! In the mean time we're sticking to 2d nav.