View Full Version : MultiStepSearch can't find the only state (U.S.) I have downloaded.

31.03.2016, 23:48
I have download the map: USUT (Utah)
I am searching the map USUT.
When I search with a nil country, it correctly returns "United States of America"
When I then search for a nil State, it returns "Colorado" instead of "Utah"
If I hard code "Utah" as the search term it finds it, but I'm just going of the ids returned from
SKMapsService.sharedInstance().packagesManager.ins talledOfflineMapPackages
to find the map to search. I don't necessarily know the name of the state or country.

I have downloaded Utah, but I have not downloaded Colorado. Is this a bug, or am I doing it wrong?
It seems like the search should know the state of the map it is searching.

iOS 9.3, XCode 7.3


19.04.2016, 10:16
hi Jim,
We've open a ticket to our dev team to investigate this issue.