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31.03.2016, 14:15
Today we've encountered an issue with missing TXG files on your CDN. F.e. UACITY08 (http://0794c461b354f552436e6360872ac7e8.cache.sko.fm/ngxmaps/versioned/light/v1/20150413/package/textures/UACITY08.txg?osName=iPhone%20OS&osVer=9.3.1&appName=com.tripomatic.tripomatic&appVer=3.8) is being referred as including TXG file, not the file couldn't be found.

We've discovered this after releasing a Skobbler build to the App Store and we had to perform a hotfix release using expedited review, very annoying.

The documentation/how-to page (http://developer.skobbler.com/getting-started/ios#sec29) defines the following structure:

A map package consists of three components:

→ .skm file - the actual map file, with tile information.
→ name browser files: .ngi, .ngi.dat (zipped in one file) - an archive containing two files used for POI and address searching in the package. This has to be unarchived before installing the package.
→ .txg file - file containing textures for high zoom levels.

The thing is, iOS version of the page defines this, while on the other hand, Android version misses TXG bullet in this paragraph, but refers TXG a couple of lines lower in code example.

My question is – how in the world am I supposed to determine which of these files are optional? Are some of them optional in the first place? Why don't you just simply provide a single complete ZIP archive with all the required files included? It would be much easier to work with, instead of downloading 1–N files with no guarantee of their availability.


SKM may miss as well – f.e. for Kuala Lumpur (aka MYCITY01 (http://0794c461b354f552436e6360872ac7e8.cache.sko.fm/ngxmaps/versioned/light/v1/20150413/package/textures/MYCITY01.skm?osName=iPhone%20OS&osVer=9.3.1&appName=com.tripomatic.tripomatic&appVer=3.8)). This is ridiculous.

15.04.2016, 16:34
The .skm file will always be one separate file.
The .skm file is needed for routing & display, the nb files (ngi & ngi.dat files) are used for offline POI search & offline geocoding and .txg for used textures.
The .ngi and .ngi.dat files can also be downloaded as a zip file: i.e. instead of downloading AECITY01.ngi and AECITY01.ngi.dat you can download AECITY01.zip and unpack the archive. (this are optional files – only if you need offline search)
The .txg file is also optional

15.04.2016, 16:39
Yes, all right, it's fine when you decide to distribute the stuff file-by-file, but in that case, the documentation must specify which files are required (always available) and which are optional. Single ZIP package containing all the files for each identifier would eliminate the need for ambiguous situations and certainly have its use, f.e. we would prefer it to prevent bad situations when we need to monitor and find missing content on your servers way after we made public builds.

18.04.2016, 09:36
thank you for your feedback- we'll add this improvement for the next release