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25.03.2016, 15:47
Hi guys,

Please feel free to chip in. I need help with custom Annotations that I am letting the user place on the map while driving. The problem with it is these do not fall right on the road but they fall few meters away from the road. How to get them fall close to the navigation pointer icon? :rolleyes:

25.03.2016, 19:54
private void showEventMaker(final String tag, final float x, final float y) {
if (!AppData.MAP_READY || mMapView == null)

int type = 0;
int resource = 0;
SKCoordinate coordinate = mMapView.pointToCoordinate(new SKScreenPoint(x, y));

if (tag.equals("pizza")) {
type = Constants.EVENT_TYPE__PIZ;
resource = R.drawable.maker_piz;

if (tag.equals("icecream")) {
type = Constants.EVENT_TYPE__icecream;
resource = R.drawable.maker_icecream;

if (tag.equals("hotdog")) {
type = Constants.EVENT_TYPE__hotdog;
resource = R.drawable.maker_hotdog;

if (checkEventDistance(new LocationInfo(coordinate.getLatitude(), coordinate.getLongitude()))) {
int id = Constants.ANNOTATION_ID__MY_EVENT + mEvents_Me.size();
if (type != 0 && resource != 0) {
EventInfo event = new EventInfo(id, AppData.isUser() ? Utils.checkNull(AppData.USER.getId(), 0) : 0, type);
event.setLocation(new LocationInfo(coordinate.getLatitude(), coordinate.getLongitude()));

showMaker(id, event.getLocation(), resource);
} else {
showTopMessage(this, "You can restrict it only 1 in a radius of " + Constants.EVENT_RADIUS_METER + " meters!", false);

19.04.2016, 12:54
Can you please add a screenshot with the actual result and the expected behavior?

19.04.2016, 17:54
Hi Adela,

These are the before and after images on how I want. The first one is the actual image on how it is working now and the second one is the desired output. 2496 2497


20.05.2016, 09:52
This issue could be caused by a known bug in the 2.5.1 version (a precision issue at our CORE level). This issue was fixed for the next release (until the official release you can test if you want our beta build: http://forum.skobbler.com/showthread.php/7584-Android-3-0-beta-build)