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24.03.2016, 16:33

is it possible to have different layers? For example:


I want the Skobbler map at the lowest layer (0). Layer 1 should be a complex polygon with alpha 1.0 to hide certain parts of the Skobbler map (yellow filled circle in the example). Above of this there should be one ore more other filled polygons or lines (at layer 2) with alpha 1.0 to overlay layer 1 (red polygons in the example).

Is this possible and if yes, how can i define the definite layer for each overlay item?

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31.03.2016, 14:58

i figured out that this can be done for Android with the identifier.

But with the iOS SDK this doesn't work. It seems like there is a bug.
Only if i create a polygon often (up to 5 times) with different identifier and add them to the map they are shown.

Any suggestions?

31.03.2016, 15:03
The order of POIs/Annotations and other overlays customisable by a boolean flag on SKMapView(Settings) is often buggy as well, so I assume it's a bit buggy in general.

Moreover, ordering should be performed by something like z-index (iOS does that with -zPosition property on CALayers), definitely NOT by the identifier, that should never be used for such purpose, especially when the identifier should be something like NSString to address real-world objects a bit better (something like marker:32094 or poi:2340 as identified by user's identification choice) and not an 32bit (!!) integer on the first place.

31.03.2016, 15:18
Hey Michael,

how can i define the z-index of a polygon or polyline? I couldn't finde such a similar function in the API. The identifier was my only solution. Without a identifier (set by me) there is only one polygon plotted.

31.03.2016, 15:21
I'm not a Skobbler dev so I can't tell you. :-) There's no other way, the Skobbler how-tos only suggest to use the identifier for sorting, which is completely odd. This is more a suggestion for an improvement. I've swapped a ton of requests with Skobbler support with a hope to see some results soon. :-)

19.04.2016, 12:52
We'll analyze this request and try to include it in the next SDK update

14.09.2016, 16:43
Currently, overlaying overlays is not supported by the rendering engine (only supported for annotations)