View Full Version : Delete Offline Packages not Working [Android, 2.5.1]

23.03.2016, 23:39
After downloading, successfully installing, and using an offline map I have a UI option that allows my users to delete the map that they downloaded. I am calling SKPackageManager.getInstance().deleteOfflinePackag e with the package name of the map, and the function returns true, however, when they switch back to the map, all of the offline map tiles are still clearly visible, leaving the impression that the offline map was not actually downloaded. Map is still visible even after the application is force quit.

Not sure what is going on here, is there something additional I need to do besides call that method? Does not seem to be phone/OS specific but just incase, I reproduced this on a Samsung Note II running 4.4 Android.

The Skobbler SDK version I am using is 2.5.1

Any insights here?

19.04.2016, 13:02
We've open a ticket to our development team for further investigation. We'll get back asap with an answer.