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21.03.2016, 15:35

Sorry if this has been answered already. I wanted to know if we can create our own custom audio instructions so that when we see a custom POI, we can call this audio advice file or instruction?

I also see the instructions in general.csv. The one that I need is not there. How do we go about to create something like that? Is it even possible?

22.03.2016, 08:17
hello pchad,
Yes- you can use your own voice packages.
Please check this article on how to deal with this scenario: http://sdkblog.skobbler.com/advisor-support-text-to-speech-scout-audio/ Let us know if this what you were looking for.

22.03.2016, 15:19
Hi Adela,

I have gone through that documentation and did use that to point my audio mp3's to delivered advice files. My requirement is more like for example, if I have a custom point of interest(lets say a user issued a marker on the map) that is not covered by your advice instruction, I want to call my own audio file when another user crosses it. Is there a way to implement it?


28.03.2016, 21:16
Hi Guys,

Can you help me out if this is possible?

18.04.2016, 13:53
This seems not to be connected to the SDK itself but to an app level integration. So for adding a new set of advices, all you need to change at the SDK level is to modify the grammar files general.csv si general_config.adv and provide your own audio files. The files names used in the grammar files must match 1:1 the names of the actual files. The article shared previously should be of help for this scenario: http://sdkblog.skobbler.com/advisor-support-text-to-speech-scout-audio/