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09.03.2016, 12:26

I would like to list a few questions regarding SDKTools installation.

a. Installing SDKTools with Cocoapods caused problems. Once I have run the project there were some mismatch between the methods in SKMaps and expected methods in SDKTools. Basically this is the method, it is from SKTNavigationManager+Factories. If we use pod AFNetworking separately we get version 3.0.4, but if we only install SDKTool it installs lower version as a dependency:

+ (SKRouteSettings )routeSettingsForConfiguration:(SKTNavigationConfi guration )configuration {
SKRouteSettings *settings = [SKRouteSettings routeSettings];

if (configuration.navigationType == SKNavigationTypeReal || [SKTNavigationUtils locationIsZero:configuration.startCoordinate]) {
SKPosition currentPosition = [[SKPositionerService sharedInstance] currentPosition];
settings.startCoordinate = CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(currentPosition.latY, currentPosition.lonX);
} else if (configuration.navigationType == SKNavigationTypeSimulation) {
settings.startCoordinate = configuration.startCoordinate;

settings.destinationCoordinate = configuration.destination;
settings.shouldBeRendered = YES;
settings.requestAdvices = YES;
settings.routeMode = configuration.routeType;
settings.numberOfRoutes = configuration.numberOfRoutes;
settings.avoidHighways = configuration.avoidHighways;
settings.avoidTollRoads = configuration.avoidTollRoads;
settings.avoidFerryLines = configuration.avoidFerries;

return settings;
b. Installing manually caused problems with dependencies as well, in details, we have in our project AFNetwork as a pod and cause linker issues.
c. Next option was to build the SDKTools and exclude most of the AFNetwork files you have included in the ThridParty folder. This solved the problem but this is a bit messy solution.
My question is, is there an option all third party dependencies to be put as a requirements to who ever wants to use SDKTools and install them as pods? Is this considered? And is there a better option to solve the installation problem?

09.03.2016, 15:33
Allow me to check with the dev team. I'll get back asap with an answer.

10.03.2016, 13:54
Just additional information, basically what I have found is that the AFNetwork files are used for the SKTDownloadManager. Which means if SKTDM is updated with using latest AFNetwork we could user AFN as a pod.

24.03.2016, 10:45
Any information on this topic, Adela?

24.03.2016, 13:53
Unfortunately i don't have an update yet