View Full Version : Skobbler navigation updates with Google Fused location provider?

05.03.2016, 00:43
Hi, I am confused about the update rate of Skobbler navigation when doing live, not simulated navigation. In simulated navigation, the navigation state callback gets called a few times a second, but when using Google's fused location provider and updating the SKPositionManager with a new location when the update rate is once every second, then the Nav state updates once every 2 to 3 seconds. Another issue I found is during live navigation, when I go to a stop after moving at car speeds, the speed reported from onNavigationStateUpdated() takes a few seconds to decrease from for example 30mph to 0.

My question is given my use of the fused location provider above, is there anything else I can do to update the navigation state other than reporting a new position with updated coordinates, speed, accuracy, and heading?

28.03.2016, 16:12
You cannot do anything more on the SDK side. You should check if there is something related to this: https://developers.google.com/android/reference/com/google/android/gms/location/LocationRequest that could help you

31.03.2016, 19:46
Thanks, so then using the SKCurrentPositionProvider instead of Google's FusedLocationProvider (and reporting a new SKPosition object with all relevant info) would not be an improvement to my understanding

19.04.2016, 09:46
We'll make a check with the dev team- please allow us to get back later with an update

11.11.2016, 17:21
The callback on which the navigation state is updated is triggered when the matcher detects a new position so that is why it is called once a second during navigation, and once 2 seconds when destination is reached. It takes a few seconds to decrease from 30mph to 0mph because we donít take the speed directly from the GPS, but we calculate it using both the speed from the GPS and the previous received speeds.
So to answer your question, you canít do anything to improve the update time. On the SDK side the minTime is set to 0 in the locationManagers requestLocationUpdates, that means as soon as a position is received the location update request is made.
To answer your forum question, updating to SKCurrentPositionProvider wonít help from the reasons described above.