View Full Version : [iOS] Map show street name in local language

29.02.2016, 10:22
I want to display all of the label in the map in english, after look at "How to" I found this solution

let internationalizationSettings = SKMapInternationalizationSettings.mapInternational ization()
internationalizationSettings.primaryOption = SKMapInternationalizationOption.International
internationalizationSettings.fallbackOption = SKMapInternationalizationOption.International
internationalizationSettings.primaryInternationalL anguage = SKLanguage.MapLanguageEN
internationalizationSettings.fallbackInternational Language = SKLanguage.MapLanguageEN
mapView.settings.mapInternationalization = internationalizationSettings

It seem to work with the city name but the street name remain local. How can I display them in english? any help?

01.03.2016, 14:56
With the existing SDKs, internationalization is applied down to the city names and for the street level we use the names that appear on OSM (so internationalization is not supported for that level)