View Full Version : [Android] SKNavigationManager.decreaseSimulationSpeed() odd behaviour?

07.02.2016, 10:13
Hi, I want to slow down the navigation simulation speed to a speed that fits road biking. However I found some odd things when calling decreaseSimulationSpeed(), first of all the argument is suppose to decrease the simulation speed by 1 meter by second, but I find that it actually decreases the speed by 3.33 meters per second. Second, the speed change does not take affect until the simulation is turning. The first issue sounds like the API documentation is wrong or a bug. Is the second issue intentional or also a bug?


08.02.2016, 14:26
Which SDK version are you using?

We are aware of an imperfection regarding the "decreaseSimulationSpeed" because sometimes the current speed is not registered correctly, but the current speed should be correctly shown once a "turn" is taken. So please test this use case.

08.02.2016, 21:50

I am currently using version 2.5.1 of the Android SDK, which I think is the latest. In my testing so far I want to simulate biking speeds. I found that I cannot set the navigation simulation speed until I start the navigation, which I would expect to be a setting in SKNavigationSettings. I did find when the navigation simulation starts, the speed does not decrease, and when a turn is taken, then the speed will decrease according to the value I set. So far I found that setting 9 will turn the speed down to zero (I expected it to go from the default of 16.6667 m/s to 9.6667 m/s), but passing in 3 will set the speed to 14.91 MPH (it went from 16.6667 m/s to 6.6667 m/s). There's also the issue of only being able to pass integers through. Are these issues being worked on for the next Android SDK release?

09.02.2016, 11:40
Thanks Techknow for the additional information.

Indeed 2.5.1 is our latest SDK released. We are adding this improvement on our list but unfortunately won't be available in the next release.