View Full Version : Next release ?

27.01.2016, 14:17
When You're planning to release new SDK update? 2.6 probably?

04.02.2016, 13:14
Unfortunately, the support requests from the enterprise partners kept us from releasing a new version.
The new one will be 3.0 and, if everything works as expected, will have the iOS public version at the end of February, following to release the Android version.

04.02.2016, 17:01
Great! Can you give us a clue, what should we expect from new 3.0 version ? :)

04.02.2016, 17:03
I'll mention two expected changes: Fresh maps+One-line search :)

27.02.2016, 17:11
Any update on expected release date? :)

01.03.2016, 10:54
unfortunately no news yet

29.03.2016, 16:01
:) any news ? :)

30.03.2016, 17:11
hi mz87,

We'are still making improvements on the new build. What would be your major interest related to the new SDK? Would you be interested in testing the beta build? Which platform are you using?

30.03.2016, 18:57
Well I'm looking for any improvements and bug fixes ..
Also I'm waiting for new maps ..
As well as new methods of search which are already available in class references online ..
Yes, I would be interested to test new beta for both iOS and Android ..

04.04.2016, 11:56
I'm also interested in beta testing 3.0 if you're still looking for testers. Im about to release my iOS app which uses 2.5.1. Would be nice if I could get 3.0 in there for the next update.

I'm hoping/looking for:
- Bugfixes. Especially for this one: http://forum.skobbler.com/showthread.php/6964-Get-notified-when-map-has-been-loaded?highlight=notified
- Lower memory (ram) footprint or ways to limit (or manually and explicitly release) skmaps (map data) memory
- Map Updates. With Fresh maps you mean the Navigon map data? That would be awesome. Will that be part of the basic plan?


04.04.2016, 13:41
We would be interested in betatesting as well. We've just released a map revamp in our app with 2.5.1 and it's unfortunately quite a catastrophe sometimes.

20.04.2016, 21:26
I am interested in testing the 3.0 beta as well. Thanks!