View Full Version : [iOS SDK] Possible to get information about pedestrian crossings?

21.01.2016, 16:21

Is it possible to get information (e.g. coordinates, type of crossing) about pedestrian crossings with the iOS SDK? For example, I would like to be able to find a nearby pedestrian crossing with a traffic light, much like a POI.

21.01.2016, 17:25
At this moment we don't support any querying for traffic lights, giveways or pedestrian crossings. We only expose certain categorised POIs, that can be accessed via our category search feature. As for intersections in free drive we don't provide any callback information about this we only do this when navigating a certain route.

As a workaround for the querying issue if you would like to still "watch out" for certain such feature you can get the data from OSM, and then feed it to our POI tracker functionality so for example you'll be notified when approaching a traffic light (this approach though might require a lot of fine tuning from your side as the data sets can get rather large).