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12.01.2016, 00:43
I use GPS Navigation (Sat Nav), version 7.2, iOS 9.2
I am no longer as happy with this GPS app as I used to be.
The default position appears to be for voice guidance to be "off." Every time I change the destination, voice guidance goes "off."
To turn it back on, I have to go into settings, and do the exact opposite of what the icon says (crazy). Turn 'Voice guidance ON," then "OFF," and leave it on "OFF" for the voice to come on!!! More, after this on/off nonsense, the volume has been turned down to zero, and I have to increase it with the controls on the side of the iPad.
Bu this time I am in heavy traffic and can't take my eyes off the road and can't do all these adjustments. I don't have the guts to uninstall and re-install the app, as I then I would lose all my data...
Any advice?