View Full Version : (iOS) Need help : Annotation + Polyline

04.01.2016, 09:39
Hello, I have some question to ask for help.

I've used UITabBarController in my app and one of these Tab contain Map view(SKMapView).

I've develop the map using SKAnnotation (custom view) to be an interested point and use SKPolyline to draw a possible route
among these point.

First time user access to the map everything work fine( Annotation's layer over the Overlay's layer), but if user try to access to the map second time, the Annotation's layer will be under the Overlay's layer as Pictures below. And if the user access to the map third the result is keep toggle. I've no idea what happen, please help. Thank you.


08.01.2016, 10:56
Can you please add the code snippet?