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21.12.2015, 17:29
Hi guys,

So I have a huge problem getting skobbler to follow the location changes from the XCode, as soon as I call [[SKRoutingService sharedInstance] startNavigationWithSettings: navSettings]; the device location will not be processed by Skobbler.

The navigation settings looks like this

SKNavigationSettings *navSettings = [SKNavigationSettings navigationSettings];
navSettings.navigationType = SKNavigationTypeReal;
navSettings.distanceFormat = SKDistanceFormatMilesYards;
navSettings.transportMode = SKTransportCar;
navSettings.showStreetNamePopUpsOnRoute = YES;
navSettings.viaPointNotificationDistance = 200;

And I call startNavigationWithSettings in the didFinishRouteCalculationWithInfo delegate method...

Because of the way the app is build I cannot use the build in location simulation feature so I'm really stuck with this...

Is there anything I'm missing here? I wasted almost 3 days with this problem and I still cannot find an work around to this problem.

14.01.2016, 18:21
I've reported the question to the Scout developers

21.09.2016, 13:02
It seems that there is an issue down at C++ level causing this bug making it currently impossible to simulate location updates from an xCode locations file.
You can attempt to simulate this scenario by starting the navigation with the SimulateFromLog file option: http://developer.skobbler.com/getting-started/ios#sec38