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10.11.2015, 18:33

why the compass position is "in the middle" of the map since version 2.5.1.

With setcompassPosition is not good to set the for example to left top.

For me left top is the Point 0, 0. But wenn I set it with ScreenPoint(0, 0) is the same Position from the compass.
The compass has default the position ScreenPoint(0, 0).

And in the docus from your website is written that setCompassposition(10, 50) is right top. Thats not correct -> For 2.5.1.
How we can fix this?

11.11.2015, 15:05
Hi FaithA,

1. On all our version when mapView.getMapSettings().setCompassShown(true) the compass is set on (0, 0)
2. "setcompassPosition is not good to set the for example to left top" => ''SKScreenPoint(0,0) set for compass is actually the top right corner of the screen, so when setting the compass position this has to be kept in mind.''
3. The default position of the compass is (0,0). SKScreenPoint(0,0) set for compass is actually the top right corner of the screen
4 When using setCompassposition(10, 50) the compass should be in the right top. If this is not happening please send us your code for further investigations

11.11.2015, 16:28

it's not only in my code in DemoProject as well.

The defaul compass position is different as 2.5. In 2.5 the default position was in the top right corner of the display.
In 2.5.1 the default compass position is approx 50 to 100 dp from right and 50 to 100 dp from top.

When I set setCompassposition(-100, -100) for HTC One and setCompassposition(-50, -50) for Samsung Note,
then the position in 2.5.1 is changed to the top right corner.

11.11.2015, 16:39
We'll check this out. I'll get back with updates.

Update [25.11.2015]: the fix was made and will be included in the next update

27.11.2015, 15:17
Hey Adela,
thanks for the update.

I hope then the compass cann be correctly set by the user with points from the screen.