View Full Version : [SKMaps 2.5.1] SKMaps Demo is Broken ("Map JSON & download")

15.10.2015, 18:57

Good stuff with version 2.5.1! Mainly on Xcode 7, Swift 2.0 support. :) Thanks for that!

The demo project seems to be broken. When I click on "Map JSON & download", the app crashes.

fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value

The stack trace points to:

#1 0x000000010004b6ec in RootViewController.tableView(UITableView, didSelectRowAtIndexPath : NSIndexPath) -> ()
at /Users/fernandofernandes/Desktop/SKMapsSwiftDemo/SKMapsSwiftDemo/Classes/ViewControllers/RootViewController.swift:104

RootViewController.swift, line 104:

let packages : Array<SKTPackage> = (appDelegate.skMapsObject.packagesForType(.Contine nt) as? Array<SKTPackage>)!

At that point, it seems that the skMapsObject wasn't initialized:

(lldb) po appDelegate.skMapsObject

- Fernando

16.10.2015, 11:41
Thanks Fernando for letting us know. We'll check this immediately.

Update[27.10.2015]: We confirm that the reported issue is fixed in the iOS SDK and will be publicly available in the next update.