View Full Version : ITMS-90209 Invalid Segment Alignment and ITMS-90125 (LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO)

14.10.2015, 05:43
I'm trying to upload an app that uses the the SKMaps framework.

iOS target = 8.0
Xcode = 7.0.1
Swift 2.0

The app runs fine in both simulators and real devices. No issues whatsoever.

When I archive and try to upload the final version to iTunes via Xcode, I get the following error:

ITMS-90209 Invalid Segment Alignment. The app binary at '<appName>/Frameworks/SKMaps.framework/SKmaps' does not have proper segment alignment. Try rebuild the app with latest Xcode version.

And also:

ITMS-90125 The binary is invalid. The encryption info in the LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO load command is either missing or invalid, or the binary is already encrypted. The binary does not seem to have been built with Apple's linker.

If I remove SKMaps from the project, I am able to pass these validations without errors. But then of course my app becomes useless.

So... Is there anything I could try?

Thanks in advance,
- Fernando

14.10.2015, 08:21
Please allow us a few days to ask our developers and to investigate what could be the problem

ps: You could try to find some help, in the meantime, on StackOverflow (use the skmaps tag). Check this thread also: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28516377/itms-90209-invalid-segment-alignment

14.10.2015, 15:55
Yes, I did try StackOverflow and Google. The "solutions" generally mention some weird SDKs like Flex, stuff that I'm not using...

Allright, I'll wait. Thanks for taking a look.

(Ah, just to mention, this is Skobbler 2.5.0).

14.10.2015, 20:40
This is fixed in Skobbler 2.5.1. :-)


15.10.2015, 09:59
Thanks Conaaando for checking it and for letting us know.