View Full Version : [iOS] Automatic zooming to fit RealReach display

25.09.2015, 21:49
Hi there!

Is there any way to do an automatic zooming to fit all the displayed SKRealReach area? I've seen that there's actually a method called
isRealReachDisplayedInBoundingBox: but It requires a
SKBoundingBox which has to be extracted from
visibleRegion property with the constructor
boundingBoxForRegion:inMapViewWithSize: and after all that operation, I only have a BOOL telling me that it actually is displayed or not, reduce zoom level and then do all the operation again. I think it's so elaborate that I must be doing it wrong.


13.10.2015, 10:23
Check this question on StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32268244/android-skobbler-how-to-limit-map-view-in-an-area
It's dealing with a similar use case. Let us know if you need further help