View Full Version : Automatic or Manual Zooming Not Working During *3D* Navigation Mode

31.08.2015, 12:17
It appears the automatic zooming using zoomLevelConfigurations and SKZoomLevelConfiguration objects in 3D (not 2D—it works there) is not working.

Also the manual zooming using animateToZoomLevel in 3D (again, not 2D—it works there) is not working.

It appears that the 3D map always wants to zoom out to a level, say 16 or 17, regardless of how much you zoom in or out whether it be done programatically or by touch-pinching the screen. There are no such problems in 2D.

Is there any fix for these problems?

Thank you.

31.08.2015, 12:21
In 2.5 there is an issue with the API - that's been fixed for 2.6.

See more details in this stackflow thread (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32126400/enable-automatic-zoom-with-skzoonlevelconfiguration)

31.08.2015, 12:23
Thank you for the prompt reply. :)

I am pleased it has been looked into.

Any rough idea on when SDK version 2.6 will be out?


31.08.2015, 12:32
In about 2 weeks

31.08.2015, 12:38
Great news! I look forward to it. :)