View Full Version : [Android] Matching road util out of SKMapSurfaceView

27.07.2015, 16:26

I found out that the iOS SDK has a method to get the Matching Road GPS coordinates given some position. In Android that's not possible and the only way to get the matching road position from a GPS coordinate is with the getCurrentGPSPosition(boolean) found in SKMapSurfaceView class. The problem is that in our application we need those matching road coordinates even when there's no map on the screen or even when the application is hidden, something attached to a GPS Service that with SKMaps could get and fix the GPS positions to a matched road, like iOS. Is there any way to achieve this?


27.07.2015, 16:37
I will check with the dev team and get back to you asap

10.08.2015, 13:12
Here's the answer from our devs:
"In the Android SDK version 2.5 the SKMapSurfaceView.getCurrentPosition(boolean) allows getting the road-matched GPS coordinates for the current position. As long as there's a reference to the SKMapSurfaceView object this method should work even when there's no map on the screen or the app runs in background."

Please note that starting with the next SDK version(2.6) the getCurrentPosition(boolean) will be found in the SKPositionerManager class, so a map view instance will no longer be needed to get the matched current position.