View Full Version : [Android] possible to get landuse-key of OSM

15.06.2015, 23:21

does anyone know if it ist possible to parse die OSM data for the landuse-key with skobbler?
I'm developing an app that has to be able to show the next forest or park and highlight it on the map (draw a polygon).

Is this possible using skobbler?


16.06.2015, 11:23
Currently you cannot "query" the OSM data imported in the Scout SDK (you can search via the POIs based on free text or categories but not query the data as you query OSM via overpass).
You can choose to color all "landuse" polygons from the map in a certain way (or a certain key-value combination) via our StyleEditor (this would create a separate map style, something like our outdoors style (http://developer.skobbler.com/map/e3c0b20a44ad0a4dcb3052f333185aaa7b094ea6/51.86801203959148,13.373107910156248/9)).

If you want to colour just a certain such polygon then you'll need to manually draw it yourself on the map via an SKPolygon and you'll have to provide the coordinates of the SKPolygon based on your custom logic (i.e. make a query via overpass to OSM and filter the results based on your own logic).