View Full Version : [Android] While driving in Navigation mode the map and the route is not displayed

15.06.2015, 18:50

while Iam driving on a highway no MAP etc. is displayed anymore.
Navigation is still ongogin but no informations are displayed (route etc.)



If we lost the information from MAP because we have no internet connection?
If it so, why he not loads the cache and why it is not referehing or comming again if we had a stabil internet connection?

Here also I have nerver seen this in SDK 2.4 it is appearing with SDK 2.5 for the same route.

16.06.2015, 11:27
It could be that you don't have the metadata available - are you using offline/on-board maps?
Check if the metadata is present via getMetaDataStatus (http://developer.skobbler.ro/docs/android/com/skobbler/ngx/versioning/SKVersioningManager.html#getMetaDataStatus(int)).

16.06.2015, 12:11
Iam using on-board map.
After I calculate the route and start the navigation the map was displayed with the route and navigation works.
After some minutes/hours I obeserved this. For me it seems that the Internet connection was lost and then the route and MAP was lost also, but why?

And why it's not recovered?
Is the getMetaDataStatus starts automaticly and how can I recover this if it happens?

You can see the route informations are not lost and the information your are on a highway (A5) is even not lost.

23.06.2015, 15:42
Unfortunatly we can't reproduce this issue. Could you please send us your demo project?

24.06.2015, 09:51
Hey Adela_Silvia,

this occurs also with the skobbler demo project.
If you use the real drive mode and lost the internet connection then this behaviour appears.

08.07.2015, 09:48
Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for avoiding this. You can choose to make the map available as an on-board map(download as an offline map).