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31.05.2015, 15:50

I tried to use the SDK 2.5 for Android and faced a few problems.

1) SKMapSurfaceView object holds references on annotation bitmaps. It becomes a problem if every annotation on the map has an unique image. As a result it can lead to OOM error.
2) SKMapSurfaceView initialisation takes a lot of time. I mean the delay between moments when the object is created ant a data is displayed on the map. It becomes significantly noticeable when the screen orientation is changed. Please take on account in some cases handling screen orientation change by the activity is not acceptable.

Are there any tricks to avoid such problems?

Thanks a lot

02.06.2015, 10:22
Hello dvasilin,

We've sent these questions to our dev team- we'll get back to you asap with an answer, but can you please add a few details:
- how many POIs are you adding to the map?
- can you send us a video while checking those issues

Thank you,