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22.05.2015, 10:37
Actually the route is drawn in skmap but when i click pin out side of actual path (yellow line on left side), the route is not drawn between green pin and red pin. However, if i place two pins within the road then route is drawn.
I have explained my issue in image bellow. Please have a look.
Thank you in advance

28.05.2015, 13:43
When you have all the 3 points present (start -> viaPoint -> destination) - the route is successfully calculated? (do you get a valid route inside didFinishRouteCalculationWithInfo?) or it fails? (visible in didFailWithErrorCode)
We're trying to asses if this is a routing issue cannot calculate the route or a rendering issue cannot display the route on the map.

29.05.2015, 11:14
It successfully calls didFinishRouteCalculationWithInfo method with valid datas.
The problem is, among many pins, if one pin is somewhere skmap cant draw route, it wont draw rest route too. And it dont call didFailWithErrorCode method too. I would like to make more clear with image. Please have a look.

02.06.2015, 09:52

Can you please send us the code as we cannot understand clear what is the problem. By "removing the pin" do you mean by removing the pin from the map or from the route?

15.06.2015, 05:59
It may be difficult to get you the full codebase, however I will look into it.
The problem is that is a pin is not placed near or close to a road, then the route will not draw and this effects the complete route that may have 10 waypoints etc.
There must be some limit where the 'nearest available road point' is selected?

19.06.2015, 16:04
Allow me to check this information internally - I will get back with an answer from the devs.

Can you please confirm - is the route failing?
Also could you please add the code for SKRouteSettings?

Make sure the pin that is near the sea is not in a private area/ private port- If this is the case the route won't be generated