View Full Version : Via points

09.05.2015, 08:31
Have you any plans to implement via points? The navigation is not useful when it proposes the way which you don't want to go. Via points solve this problem.
I have to say that I met the first navigation which does not provide via points functionality. :(

17.05.2015, 18:41
I am also wondering if that's going to happen someday?

I often plot my travel using MS Streets & Trips with several Via points, aka Way points, but now I use Skobbler on my Android and when on the road I have to stop, search my 'Favorites' for the next way point, then continue on my trip. This is both annoying, and potentially mistakes can be made (and have in the past).

Or is there some way to use Way Points in Skobbler now and I just haven't stumbled on the method????