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05.05.2015, 20:44

it seems that public void setFerriesAvoided(boolean ferriesAvoided) not working.
I have checked this also with the DemoApplication 2.4.

For example a route calculation to London (England) from Frankfurt (Germany) with the Setting setFerriesAvoided(false) is working fine.
The route calculation uses Ferries and you can pass the sea qith the Ferry.

But the same route calculation with setFerriesAvoided(true) not avoided the Ferries -> It used the same route as with setFerriesAvoided(false).
For London there is an alternativ route without Ferry available (Train transport), but the calculation does not use this. It use the Ferries from Calais.

07.05.2015, 10:40
We're investigating if this is a routing problem, but otherwise we need to mention that by setting avoidFerries to true, this does not mean that ferries will be completely prohibited but only heavily penalized. The reason for doing this is that it could be the case that only a route involving ferries can be found, in which case this is preferred to no route at all (this was an implementation decision that we took, following the practices in the industry).

If you want to completely prohibit routes containing ferries - after the route have been calculated, check in it's attributes if the containsFerris flag is set to true or not. If not, than it's safe to use that route, otherwise you should discard this route (it was the best our routing engine could do, but it's not good enough for your use case)

08.05.2015, 12:53
Ok that I understand.

If I calculate a route to Tanger in Maraco, then it's okay if we had ferries avoided that the route include ferries.
Because for that route we have only the change to drive and use a ferrie via Spain.

But for London I dont understand this, beacause for London we can use a route with ferrie or with train.

08.05.2015, 16:04
The information that i think you're missing is that we do not support routing for train routes (we only display them), so that's the reason.

08.05.2015, 16:22
Mhmmm okay I understand now.

But then in my opinion the function avoidFerries is unnecessary.
Adela thank you very much for the informations.

01.06.2015, 17:02
A great*exchange of information.