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29.04.2015, 23:26

Is there a way to get a street number from reverse geocoding?

This is the code from the "how to" that I use for the request:

// get a GPS position to be reverse geocoded
SKCoordinate position= new SKCoordinate(37.756479, -122.432871);
// call reverseGeocodePosition
SKSearchResult result = SKReverseGeocoderManager.getInstance().reverseGeoc odePosition(position);

// the address information for the reverse geocoded position should
// now be available in the result object

The result object contains the street name, and the parent list contains the country and state but not the street number.

05.05.2015, 14:14
You should use SKReverseGeocoderManager (http://developer.skobbler.com/docs/android/2.4.0/com/skobbler/ngx/reversegeocode/SKReverseGeocoderManager.html)
You should call mapSettings.setHouseNumbersShown(true) and it should show you the house number (if it exists on the map (and on OSM)). See also the SKAddressSearchSettings (http://developer.skobbler.com/docs/android/2.4.0/com/skobbler/ngx/search/SKAddressSearchSettings.html#setHouseNumber%28java .lang.String%29) class.