View Full Version : [Android] Mapview fragment transaction

08.04.2015, 19:50

I modified the demo project to put the mapview in a fragment and remove the splash screen activity.
All the code from the splash screen activity was moved to the main activity and the code in the main activity was moved to the fragment.

I got it to work and display the map correctly.

I now have a problem when replacing the map fragment with another one and then coming back to the map fragment.
When I re open the map fragment, the map texture won't load properly and will just display the brown map background.

Any suggestion?

ps: mapview.onpause / on resume are set.

Thank you.

08.05.2015, 13:34
Right now we don't officially support fragments.
We can't give you a better support without looking at your architecture.

If you managed to migrate your project to our SDK and if you want to share it with us, we'll do our best to assist you.