View Full Version : Ios with skobbler sdk is possible to add a cities by his bounding box?

03.04.2015, 09:55
In my app i need to add cities in downlodable lists of maps by the bounding box (minimum and maximum latitude/longitude) , it is possible? Or the list that i see in my framework demo under "Map JSON & download" is immutable by me ? If the logic is "developer can't add cities or region that can be downloaded" passing to an enterprise account can change things?

06.04.2015, 08:43
The Maps.json file cannot be changed dynamically - if you need additional maps (regions) in the json file, these would need to be cut beforehand (send an email to dev@skobbler.com) for this.

Once the new maps have been cut you will receive back the location for the new files. The Maps.json file on our server will not be updated automatically but you can add the new entries to the json file yourself (you will need to store the json file on your own servers to enable this) and reuse the same download mechanism as for "standard" map cuts.