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01.04.2015, 23:05
I am developing an Android app that is in use by rubbish truck drivers. From what I can see in the SDK documentation, the features I need don't exist. I thought I would ask and see if there's anything that I might be missing.

The drivers have been been complaining to me, because sometimes they are given routes that cause them to do U-turns, rather than continue around the block. These drivers are driving really big rubbish trucks, with terrible turning radiuses, and doing a U-turn on a suburban street is rather difficult for them.

What I want to be able to do is prefer routes without U-turns in them, but obviously allow U-turns when they are necessary. Is this possible?


02.04.2015, 09:45
This kind of fine tuning is not possible out-of-the-box (it might be possible under an enterprise license - send an email to support about this) - in routing terms you would want to increase the penalty for U turns - this would create routes without U turns if possible, and when an U turn is the only way to create a route, create that route.

An alternative would be to build your own routing engine with all the desired restrictions and pass the route to the SDK (as it will be able to navigate it with turn by turn instructions).