View Full Version : [Android] Current Position (blue dot) is jumping very often

01.04.2015, 13:52

my current position, the blue dot is jumping very often to different positions, although I not changed the position from my mobiel phone.

First he displayed my position the blue dot stays on the position, then the dot is jumping very often around the current position.
Why the blue dot is not staying still on the same position?
I know that we recived different gps cordinates, but this is not normal for me.

I have checked also google maps and in this app the position is table and the current position is not jumping.
Any ideas?

08.04.2015, 09:41
Hello FaithA,

Have you observed this behavior also on our demo app?

08.04.2015, 23:28
Yes sometimes this behaviour occured also in the demo app.

08.05.2015, 16:36
As we plan the next SDK, 2.5, we will make sure to check this issue if is still reproducing.