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23.03.2015, 14:39
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Regarding iOS SDK Version 2.4.0

I noticed that there still appears to be the problem of a lack of streets returned when a search is made using the SKSearchService and SKMultiStepSearch offline. I have searched many UK towns and find that streets existent for a long time are not returned by the SDK in offline mode and this includes major thoroughfares too. I really need offline searching by address but the current implementation is lacking. Will this be remedied?

24.03.2015, 11:51
Any help please?

24.03.2015, 13:01
Can you please confirm first- this happens only in the offline mode searching in UK?

24.03.2015, 13:15
Yes. My understanding is multi-step search only works offline with the offline map packages.

24.03.2015, 16:20
Please send us some examples and we'll have a look.
The current SDK, 2.4 includes the latest updates from December 2014. So if the data that you're looking for was inserted in OSM after that- it won't be available in our maps. Otherwise the data should be present.

24.03.2015, 17:06
Examples include streets like Oxford Street, Bond Street, Regent's Street, Pall Mall and many other examples of major streets when searching London. Only 4,480 streets returned by the search service (returned the count value on the didRetrieveMultiStepSearchResults array from the searchService:
didRetrieveMultiStepSearchResults: method) and for sure there are thousands more streets in London. Many missing streets are the case for most other towns in the UK. This doesn't appear to be related to my code as I know the same issue affects your SDK demo app.

I don't know if this is an issue that affects other countries or the Android SDK.

25.03.2015, 18:42
Thank you peyesdev,
We've seen also on our side the examples that you've shared- a new ticket was reported to our development team.
We'll get back with updates.

25.03.2015, 22:00
Thank you Adela, I hope a solution will come from this as it will be very useful to have an excellent and detailed address search. Look forward to an update soon.

27.03.2015, 18:34

We are planning a major refactoring to address the lack of data, but this won't be available earlier than the second part of this year.

08.04.2015, 16:57
Thank you for all your help Adela.
Looking forward to seeing these improvements.