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23.03.2015, 14:08
Once I run my navigation app, I do get appropriate callbacks to my navigation listener. And I can log all relevant information.

public void onVisualAdviceChanged(boolean firstVisualAdviceChanged, boolean secondVisualAdviceChanged, SKNavigationState navigationState){
String msg = String.format(Locale.ENGLISH, "firstVisualAdviceChanged=%b, secondVisualAdviceChanged=%b, navigationState=%s", firstVisualAdviceChanged, secondVisualAdviceChanged, navigationState.toString());
Log.i(this.getClass().getName(), "onVisualAdviceChanged "+msg);

The log shows that there should be a visual advice files (png) inside the SKMaps. However I can't find those png files either in Android SDK or in iOS SDK. Furthermore, I would like to have my own set of visual advices. Is there any list what kind of png files these are?


26.03.2015, 08:42
Ok, got it. There are potentially hundreds/thousands of different icons and they are programmatically created and cached into file system. So there can't be a list of those.

15.01.2016, 20:42
Hi there!

Is there a possibility to change those images somehow? I mean change the color of the arrow etc.
I see that files are generated and stored on a device .. so I guess it's up to some json, style or something like that file to configure how they must be generated .. !?
Can you specify where should we edit this info, because I can not find one..


20.01.2016, 11:43
The images are created via OpenGL on demand, based on the real road geometry (the angle between the roads in the image will match the angle between the real roads). So there isn't a collection of images that you could use but you'll have to get the list of images each time a route is created

Check this thread: http://forum.skobbler.com/showthread.php/7411-Changing-Visual-Advice-icons?p=22461#post22461
and this post: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27750466/skmaps-visual-advice-images