View Full Version : Best settings for showing map on small 3.4 in WQVGA 240x432 Display

18.03.2015, 22:00

i try to show a map on a small 3.4 in WQVGA 240x432 Display.
what are the best settings for showing it on such a small Display ?
Map details are not good visible.
Setting zoom to MAX does not work.
Zoom factor remains allway at 17 (default)


20.03.2015, 13:21
The maximum zoom level is 18 - how are you trying to modify the map zoom level? Are you using the setZoom (http://developer.skobbler.com/docs/android/2.4.0/com/skobbler/ngx/map/SKMapSurfaceView.html#setZoom(float)) property of the map View or are you zooming to a region? (in which case you can set the zoom level (http://developer.skobbler.com/docs/android/2.4.0/com/skobbler/ngx/map/SKCoordinateRegion.html#setZoomLevel(float)) for the region)

Can you also attach a screenshot of what the map display looks like?

22.03.2015, 13:43
Thank you for your help !

what i do so far:

public void onSurfaceCreated() {
mapSurfaceView.getMapSettings().setMapZoomingEnabl ed(true);
mapSurfaceView.getMapSettings().setMapPanningEnabl ed(true);
mapSurfaceView.getMapSettings().setZoomWithAnchorE nabled(true);
mapSurfaceView.getMapSettings().setFollowerMode(SK MapFollowerMode.NAVIGATION);
mapSurfaceView.getMapSettings().setMapDisplayMode( SKMapSettings.SKMapDisplayMode.MODE_3D);

This shows the map in "freedrive" style like in the Scout App.
Because of the small display i can see not that much of the map an so i want to SCALE the Map (or zoomIn) programmatically to show a smaller region than the default.
Lets say scale down to 10m (--> shown by SKMapScaleView)

02.04.2015, 09:47
Currently this level of granularity (control) is not exposed in the SDK but it is on our wish list - (i.e. change not the map zoom, but the distance from the view point to the map)