View Full Version : Android: Map is not showing streets etc.

16.03.2015, 20:36
After integrated Version 2.4, the Map does not shown streets completly.

An example:
My position is found and is displayed (Germany). When I swipe the Map for example to Turkey, then I dont see the streets or the town names, nothing only I see the seas and so, but no icons etc. is visible for this country (for other countries also).

Sometimes when I wait for soem minutes some streets are loaded...

Why is that so? Why is the Map not displaying streets etc.?

17.03.2015, 10:04
Hello FatihA,

This happens in the demo project or in your project?

17.03.2015, 10:17
Hello Adela,

I have seen this in both. In my project and in Demo project.
But in demo project it recovered faster as in my project.

17.03.2015, 15:41
I assume the problem is related to the internet connection and we cannot do anything in that case.

21.03.2015, 21:32
Hey Adela,

thank you for you feedback, but I dont think that is related to my internet connection, beacuse also with WLAN and good connection the same error.
Only Country name displayed, no Capitol name no streets -> For Germany where is my position is ok.

I attached a picture...

23.03.2015, 09:36
Please send us your demo project at dev@skobbler.com so we can have a check.
Thank you, Adela

23.03.2015, 09:46
I will do that, when I have time.

But one more information.
In my opinion I think this occurs with Android 5 (HTC one device)
I use it with Fragment.

Because tested on Android < 5 it seems okay.
I have tested also with Sony, Samsung Galaxy S2 and it seems that is okay.

I will continue to analyze this.
Thank you.

23.03.2015, 10:17
Thanks for the additional observations.