View Full Version : Any way to access SKRouteState?

14.03.2015, 12:01
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I have noticed that since SDK v.2.4.0 was released that the following delegate method is no longer called and in fact it is no longer defined in the SKNavigationDelegate.h file:

routingService:didChangeFirstVisualAdvice:withSeco ndVisualAdvice:lastAdvice:routeState:

There are no current delegate methods that pass an SKRouteState object and I need the information within this to access SKCrossingDescriptor as I manually construct audio advices from this.

Is there any way of getting SKRouteState now?

Thank you for any help, in advance.

14.03.2015, 16:15

I found out that SKCrossingDescriptor is now passed from the new method:

didChangeFirstVisualAdvice:withSecondVisualAdvice: lastAdvice:currentAdvice:nextAdvice:secondAdvice:

And referred to from within an SKRouteAdvice object.