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10.03.2015, 14:38
StackOverflow post referring to this problem: link (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28963285/what-are-the-map-sessions-limitations-for-the-free-plan-offered-by-skobbler-tel)

I plan to use Skobbler maps iOS SDK for one of my project, but before using it inside my project I need to know the Map Sessions limitations for the free plan. In that sense I browsed the company's website and I found two different answers to my question:

1 - The first one that I found is located in the plans' description:

(Source of this information (http://developer.skobbler.com/#plans))

First 1 Million FREE.

2 - The second one that I found is located in the terms of api's usage.

(Source of this information (http://www.skobbler.com/legal#termsSDK))

50,000 monthly map views.

Billable Event >250,000 map sessions (including online routing): $0.50/1,000 additional map sessions.

50,000 monthly map views and you apparently start charging when we do a number of requests >250,000 map sessions.

I do not know if all these information are not up-to-date, but for the moment they really confuse me and it would be really cool if Skobbler (Telenav) or someone on this forum could provide us some clarifications about the pricing applied to an iOS developer using the Skobbler FREE plan?

11.03.2015, 14:27
We are sorry for the inconvenience. The error is solved now(with the 2.4 update on our website. the T&C was reverted to the version from last year)

The T&C will properly reflect what is on the plans page:

-the first 1 million map sessions are free
-the first 10k small & large maps are free
-0.50$ per 1000 map sessions (online scenario)
-0.02$ for a small offline map
-0.08$ for a large offline map