View Full Version : Do useSlopes and routeCorridorWidth impact routeCalculation?

24.02.2015, 17:39
I've been looking at the documentation and on the forum but can't seem to find the answer.
Do the SKRouteSettings properties useSlopes and routeCorridorWidth impact the routeCalculation? If yes how? If no, what DO they do?

I've played around with their values but so far have not been able to discover any differences in route distance nor estimatedTime and the route path looks the same too, so was wondering what they do exactly.

26.02.2015, 17:55
When downloading a route, it's not just the route geometry that is downloaded but a "buffer corridor" alongside this route - routeCorridorWidth specifies the width of this corridor - i.e. specify to download 2 kms to the left and the the right of your current route.
Having this corridor allows for rerouting even if the internet connection is down - the routing engine will use the available cached data to calculate the best reroute.

The setting provided here will not affect the route you receive, but it might take longer to download all the route information (depending on how wide the corridor is).

UseRoadSlopes [usable only for bike routing] = this would penalise routes depending on the slopes along the routes. Unlike the RealReach algorithm, it uses a configuration file - available locally (on the device), for offline routing, and server side,for online routing. This feature is also marked as "experimental"

Other settings that only work for bike routing:
BicycleCarryAvoided, BicycleWalkAvoided = these were implemented to allow/remove routes that implied that you would have to "carry your bike" (i.e. over a chain or barrier). Although present in this SDK this feature is considered to be in the status "experimental"

26.02.2015, 18:44
Ah...perfect. Thanks for the answers. Makes sense to me now :-)