View Full Version : Android: onMapRegionChangeStarted(SKCoordinateRegion arg0) is not called

23.02.2015, 11:05

I am working with SDK 2.3 and I noticed that
onMapRegionChangeStarted(SKCoordinateRegion arg0) is never been called when a map action (panning, zooming) occurs.
onMapRegionChangeEnded(SKCoordinateRegion arg0) and
onMapRegionChanged(SKCoordinateRegion arg0) work as expected. Can you confirm this?

27.02.2015, 09:49
Hi Alex,
We have to check with the development team. Please allow us a few days to get back with an answer.

Our developers checked this issue and it's not reproducible on the new version of the public SDK 2.4 (http://developer.skobbler.com/support#download).
As we will no longer offer support for 2.3, we recommend you to try the 2.4 SDK .

Let us know if you encounter any issues.