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18.02.2015, 02:49
Hello again,

in your Scout application, which I'm using very often, I can search for POI from foursquare. Can I integrate this feature as well in my application created with the skobbler sdk?
If this is possible, what is the current limit for the searches? On the foursquare developer site I've found a information about rate limits -> https://developer.foursquare.com/overview/ratelimits
From the foursquare api team I've got confirmed that when I use this api in my application I can execute only 83 calls to the api per hour:

An application can make up to 5,000 userless requests per hour to venues/* endpoints."

Answer from the foursquare api team:

You're current in your understanding. You can make 5000 userless requests an hour. If you need to go above that limit you can fill out this form (https://docs.google.com/a/foursquare.com/forms/d/1JptCk8oGm_YdCMowqeMB6jFmN_A2g_VlGurkSIOD2U0/viewform) and then we can potentially raise your rate limit if you are complying with all of our platform policies.

Thank you,

18.02.2015, 06:49
Hi Ivaylo,
The Foursquare integration is done at app level, not at SDK level so you'll have to execute all the Foursquare integration yourself inside your app.

Regarding the Foursquare API limits - we cannot help you in this matter - stackoverflow or the Foursquare support lists are a better fit for these questions.